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Watch premium TV, sports, movies and more

Channels from the UK, USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden & more

Compatible with Web browsers, iOS, Android, MAG 250, 254 & 254

The best choice of Live TV, Catch-Up & Video On Demand


Note: Limitations of use. All packages work worldwide, excluding the UK, ROI or any North American country. All packages are home region blocked, this means if you are located in the country of channel origin then that channel will not work. This service is for private use only. Public use in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, pubs etc is not permitted. Thank you.

Up to 3 devices per XL subscription

Watch 3 different channels with our XL package at the same time

XL gives you 2 IPTV box (250,254,256) access plus 1 Web View or App View

Watch on

IPTV box

Works on 250, 254 & 256 models


Use your PC, MAC or any device with a web browser. Google Chrome recommended.


Any Android device. Tablets, Phones & Android TV boxes. Free Play Store App.


iPhone and iPad users can access our great packages as well. Free App Store App.

Note: We do not sell any hardware, nor are we affilaited or associated with any hardware vendor, this is purely a recomendation.

The best IPTV provider for


Hundreds of the best UK TV channels, Sport & Movies.


The best channels from Norway, Denmark & Sweden.


A great selection of American TV, Sport & Movies.



Watch al your favourite TV in one place.


Never miss your favourite sport event. Maximum coverage.


A fantastic selection of movie channels.

With hundreds of the most popular TV channels you wont be stuck for something to watch.

Catchup TV

Up to 14 days
On the most popular channels


FREE Video On Demand library

Don’t fancy watching anything on the movie channels?

Choose the latest or greatest movie from the FREE VOD library


Uptime guaranteed

Best IPTV provider

More servers  – More regions  – More uptime


7 days a week, 10am – 10pm CET

Customer Testimonials

Good service, helpful support and a reasonable price. Recommended.

Mr Lewis


Im a British Expat living and working in New York. I was looking for a reliable catchup service of UK TV, mainly sport. This is perfect for me.

David Major

New York

Such a great find after being disappointed many times over with other providers. It just works.

Michael Chambers


With the time difference between the UK and Thailand, a working catchup service was the most important feature for us. So far we can’t fault it. Keep up the good work!

George Jones


Tried a lot of providers before these guys. Seen they done a 7 day package so thought why not. After the guys in support quickly helped me with a setup problem and replied to all my messages i was happy to renew my subscription for 180 days.

Thomas Ward

United Arab Emirates

In my 11 months subscribing its been almost flawless. I vividly recall one occasion where the Live TV service was unavailable. This lasted about 1 hour. There was a documentary that was showing during that time and I was very much looking forward to. Typical i thought and hastily contacted the customer support. Due to some technical reason i didn’t understand, i was told the service was temporarily unavailable but the catchup service was unaffected and the documentary could be accessed via catchup in around 1 hour. I didn’t even know i could do this. They also highlighted the fact they had a dedicated channel showing all the features of the service and how to use them and they had an in depth questions and answers section on their website. All in all an excellent service and for a technically challenged such as myself, i can now work all the features included with great ease thanks to the effective support service and the user guide channel. I will be renewing the service for another year.

Jerome Owens


Having recently retired and spending our summers in the south of France we never realised we would miss watching TV so much. This package came highly recommended from our neighbours who have been happily using the service for for quite some time. Couldn’t do without it. Just marvellous.

Florence Dunne


Tried the 1 day access just to test the service. it was easy to use and they were quick to answer my questions. I have been a customer for 3 months now and its never let me down. Thanks to the Best IPTV provider x

Jill Potters


Im my 7 years living in Spain and since the satellite switch off, i have tested many IPTV providers. I must say i am very impressed with the service during my 2 years as a customer. There is a good selection of channels from my home country in Sweden and my wives home country of Norway. We have recommended the service to many friends in and around Malaga.

Magnus Karllson